Portrait of Marta Jaskot
Marta Jaskot

I'm an illustrator and designer based in Leeds, England.

I've studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Born in Poland, now based in Leeds, love Yorkshire nature by all heart!

I'm drawing happy little creatures doing their things. Would like to show the kids how amazing is world around us.


Portrait of Elisa Ang
Elisa Ang

Elisa is a watercolor artist based in Singapore. She is strongly drawn to nature, vivid colors, mundane lives, quiet and old things. She shares her passion for art with children and adults of all abilities. She enjoys preserving flowers, reading books, and playing the ukulele.

Portrait of David Evans
David Evans

As a kid I watched too much TV, I would spend hours watching the Thundercats or He-Man. Equally I would then spend hours and hours drawing them in action, crossing over characters and basically letting my pencil create all the crazy ideas in my head. I am pretty much still doing that now, I have no regrets!

Portrait of Ana Tiganescu
Ana Tiganescu

I'm a self-taught artist specialising in pen and ink. Based in Yorkshire with my partner, young son and three chickens (Eggnog, Atilla and Buffy), I exhibit annually with the White Rose Artists in Harrogate and sell my work at Fabrication (Albion Street, Leeds).

I love experimenting with new ideas and supporting my local community (several "rainbow" watercolour prints are available on the shop website in aid of the NHS charity Leeds Cares). Why not try colouring this in using all the rainbow colours!

Portrait of Paul Kitchener
Paul Kitchener

I'm originally from a small seaside town in the Northeast called Redcar, but I now live and work in London. I've been a User Experience Designer for nearly a decade now and the last time I held a pencil was while shopping in IKEA. So for me, getting back into illustration was like a daunting task but in the end, I really had fun and glad I could help a real from with my work.

I'm planning on making much more stuff so keep an eye on my dribbble account for upcoming projects. Hope you enjoy my farm maze and manage to find all the rabbits. Fun fact about rabbits; they jump for joy when they're happy and its called a Binky.

Portrait of Sophie Ellis
Sophie Ellis

Hi, I'm Sophie; a book cover designer and freelance illustrator, originally from the Lake District but adopted by Leeds after attending university there. I love bees, dogs and hunting for so-bad-it's-good vintage tat on eBay.

Portrait of Sophie Wright - Madebysoph
Sophie Wright - Madebysoph

Sophie is an artist, illustrator, all round crafty fun maker based in Leeds. She loves anything bright, bold and fun, and loves to make work that brightens up your day!

Portrait of Papilow Paper
Papilow Paper